Why Secure Africa

Violent crimes have a significant impact on the livelihoods and quality of life of citizens, most particularly the poor, women and young people. Insecurity undermines socio-economic and political stability and sustainable development (See Resolution A/RES/66/181 of the United Nations General Assembly). High levels of crime and violence pose a serious threat to African emergent socio-political and economic development. It results in the deprivation of the rights and dignity of citizens, and poses a threat to peaceful resolution of differences and rightful participation of all in the democratic process.

Crime and violence cast fear into the hearts of many Africans and friends of the continent. These tendencies prevent the region from taking her rightful place in global development and growth. It inhibits citizens from interacting or communicating with one another freely in this information age.

Whereas other continents are taking giant strides, Africa is currently enmeshed in violent crimes like terrorism, piracy, conflict, pre & post election violence, cybercrime, Internet fraud, illicit drugs, child labour, trafficking in person, gender violence and human rights abuse. This fact, also to an extent prevents young and adult citizens from engaging in some economic activities and hinders entrepreneurs/investors from taking advantage of the opportunities which the region presents.

Therefore, the event will not only focus on reaction to these issues, but attempt to proffer proactive solutions that would bring about a safer, secure and developed Africa engineered by tomorrow’s leaders -the youth with support from present leaders. It will bring to the fore issues of crime prevention, security, human rights, rule of law, violence against women and durable peace needed for the growth and enhancement of Africa, as well as economic and political development both at the rural and urban centres.