about secure africa by Olugbenga Adeleye

Message from Head of the Secretariat
In 2012, we kick-started a journey of returning our youths to a path full of hope, opportunities and aspirations from tracks of criminalities, violence, arm struggle and danger. The object of our initiative is to reduce challenges and create opportunities on the African soil in achieving desired development needed for Africa growth.
This continent is central and key to world agenda and its citizens must rise up to the challenges facing the continent. Joining my voice with Ivo Slaus and Garry Jacobs, the world today is facing incomparable challenges with growing prospect paralleled increasing problems. Persistent poverty co-exists side by side with unprecedented prosperity. Rising levels of inequality and unemployment are spreading discontent and social unrest at a time when social welfare nets are overstrained by an aging population. Proliferation of nuclear and other weapons poses new threats to national and regional security. Humanity seems driven by mutually exclusive, contradictory goals leading to apparently insoluble problems.

These multiple challenges share common attributes: They all transcend narrow disciplinary boundaries. They are interrelated and interdependent and defy solution by partial, sectoral approaches. They are all global in nature and cannot be fully addressed without coordinated actions, combined institutions and collaborative strategies.

A society with 20 or 50% youth unemployment does not qualify as efficient by any rational considerations, for it is a society that is squandering its most precious and perishable resource and sowing seeds for future revolution.

In a 2009 report, the UN Secretary General stated that “Armed violence not only destroys lives, it also damages infrastructure and property, limits the delivery of public services, undermines investment in human, social and economic capital, and contributes to unproductive expenditures on security services. Armed violence undermines development and constitutes an impediment to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.”

This Conference is aimed at establishing a platform for a youth-driven interdisciplinary, multi-sector think-tank that will support the efforts of governments, security agencies, private and traditional institutions in ensuring enhanced security, peace, development and creating opportunities for Nigeria citizens.

We are determine to fashion out ways to be responsible as young people to provide viable solutions to challenges facing us and our nations in order to compete with our counterparts in other parts of the world to bring about global development and peace.

We want to sincere thank all those who believe in us and as many agencies and institutions that partner with us, indeed grateful. Our intention is to attract as many opportunities needed for our young people to develop themselves and provoke national growth. With your support, Africa will be great again. Secure your future, Secure Africa.

Thank you.